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We are excited and honored to call Ann Arbor and Bellville home. With a population of around 120,000, it’s pretty apparent that there is always a home in need of electrical assistance, and we ensure you that we can meet every need, no matter how high the demand for our services are. The work ethic of our electricians in a fast-paced environment and the ability to still treat every customer like family is one of the things that separates us from the rest of our competitors in the area.

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Our electricians realize the importance of prevention and taking the small, but doable and significant steps everyday to secure your electrical sockets and safeguard your home. Give our electricians a call if you’d like further information or need help repairing old or corroded wiring in your home.

Have You Struggled With Finding an Ann Arbor Electrician Who Is Affordable?

Ann Arbor Electrical Pros believe in providing superior electrical services that don’t require you to completely empty your wallet in order to get your home’s electrical demands met. 

We prioritize operating with integrity when accessing your electrical project and providing you with an estimated price that is fair and reasonable. So many customers who we encounter are not necessarily looking for cheap services, just fairly priced services, and we are proud to help them save money while also delivering on our promise of quality and sustainability. 

When you speak with one of our electricians, you can trust Ann Arbor electrician specialists to listen closely to your questions and even go so far as to let you know if there is an easier, more economical, and just as effective way to rectify your electrical concerns. We prefer that our customers have a full knowledge of all of their options when making the right decision as it pertains to the services they’d like to hire us for.

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The Ultimate Electrician Ann Arbor Guide To Securing Electrical Outlets!

If there is one thing we understand here at Ann Arbor Electrical Pros, it is the significance of consistent, first-rate service. With professionalism high on our value list, we go to great lengths to see to it that no matter which one of our electricians serve you, you have the same amazing experience across the board. We make it a point to constantly check in with one another, give advice, and help our fellow electricians out when necessary. Our team’s accountability is one of the reasons we can take on any electrical concern with confidence.

Every single day, we plug and unplug our phones, laptops, and other home appliances. However, sometimes mundane everyday actions such as disconnecting a phone can be done so quickly especially when we are in a rush that we miss a spark coming from an outlet due to a short circuit or corroded wiring. For this reason, we encourage our customers to be attentive as they are connecting and disconnecting their various devices and watch for any sparks or strange sounds coming from the outlet. This is highly important in preventing any further electrical damages.


Our Electrician Ann Arbor MI Professionals also recommend covering any exposed or even slightly torn wires with at least two layers of electrical tape until they are replaced. This is highly important and can prevent any type of electrical shocks from happening as you’re going throughout your day and running various errands. 

Here at Ann Arbor Electrical Pros, the only time we will ever cut corners is when it comes to our pricing.

Some Helpful Advice That’ll Help You Save on Your Monthly Electric Bill

When our electricians Ann Arbor and Bellville residents rely on notice that our customers are flushing valuable money down the drain unnecessarily because they don’t know about the easy ways to save some extra cash on their home electric bill, we are quick to make practical suggestions that actually work.

One of the first tips we recommend is simply adjusting the temperature in your home instead of turning the AC or heating unit completely off. Turning your temperature up or down is far more energy-efficient as it doesn’t require as much power to modify your climate as it does to completely reboot your unit.

The second tip to saving on your electric bill is to research the different types of light bulbs before deciding which ones to use when lighting your home. The reason being is because, believe it or not, not all light bulbs are created equally. 

Let’s take incandescent lights for example. Even if you only have just room in your home with one or two incandescent lights, you’ll probably be surprised to find out that of the percentage of power used to keep those lights functional, only about eight to ten percent of that is utilized to actually light the room. 

The other ninety to ninety-five percent of electricity is responsible for the heat.

While these lights may provide cozy aesthetics to a room and are popular to use, the amount of heat to light ratio is pretty high, and therefore should be turned off whenever that particular room is not in use. 

The third and final tip Ann Arbor and Bellville residents can implement when attempting to save money on their electric bill is by running appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine only when they are necessary. When our electricians speak with customers, we are shocked to find out just how many families are running the dishwasher multiple times a day and even when it’s only half full. 

Though the dishwasher is convenient and saves a ton of time, especially for busy moms and dads, we recommend only running it once a day and only if it is full. Here’s an important fact to note: Whether you run your dishwasher in order to clean two dishes or twenty dishes, the amount of power that is used will be the same for both. And we want to make sure that we are gaining the maximum amount of use of that electricity each time.  

Unique Electrical Maintenance For Aged Homes

Have you ever stepped foot into a beautiful victorian or colonial style home? If you are not sure whether or not you have, then chances are you haven’t. These homes have a very distinct and elegant appeal that demands the attention of onlookers. Typically, they consist of grand staircases and beautiful carpets and a ton of overall character and southern charm. While they are delightful to look at and walk through, one element that goes unseen is the electrical wiring behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, because these homes are older and have stood the test of time, they require more electrical upkeep versus a modernized home that was built within the past five or even ten years. One thing to note if you currently reside in a home like this is that if one electrical outlet seems to be shorting out, then it is probably smart to take a look at all the other receptacles as well. 

Typically, these homes don’t get the electrical care they need because they are pretty grand in size and stature, which makes it more of a hassle to upgrade to all new wiring throughout the home. However, no matter the inconvenience, our electricians at Ann Arbor Electrical would much rather that you remain safe even if it means just a bit more maintenance. 

Our hope is that this advice would be beneficial for you when surveying how to go about addressing the electrical issues for your older home. Give Ann Arbor Electrical Pros a call to speak with one of our highly-skilled electricians today about your home’s electrical maintenance and needs.

The Importance Of Having Equal Electrical Power Flowing Through Your Home

Have you ever turned on your lights only to watch them remain dim for a minute and then brighten up? Or, have you ever turned on a hairdryer only to witness the electricity in your home shut off in an instant? This could be attributed to several different factors: First off, it could simply be that whoever installed your wiring for your home did it carelessly and didn’t make a secure power connection during installation. Normally, this is because either an electrician is distracted or possibly even lacks some much-needed knowledge on basic installation do’s and don’ts. 

Another reason for this could be corrosion beginning to form behind an aged electrical outlet. This is one of the easiest elements of an electrical issue to miss, for the simple fact that it is not outwardly recognizable, and very few people often think to unscrew an outlet in order to take a look behind it.  

The best thing to do if you think there is some sort of short-circuiting issue of electrical breaker issue is to reach out to electrical professionals in your area and inquire about what exactly is causing the malfunctions.

We hope this information has been insightful and informative for you, and that you now feel more equipped to be on the lookout for any electrical elements in your home that seem out of alignment. 

Give our outstanding electricians a call today. We are eager to take your call and deliver exceptional services to your home!